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Why Hire D and S Construction?







Experience, Quality, Integrity

1. Experience
Doug and Steve are not just contractors. They are experts in almost every field of residential construction. But they not only know how to do it, they've actually been "hands on" remodelers and builders for 40 years. Doug and Steve are the guys on your job site conducting the operation, not sitting in an office conducting business by phone. They actually do the work! You get the benefit of those 80 years of combined experience in the quality of the work being done. You get the benefit of their years of design and layout as you plan for your new kitchen, bath, or addition. When you want to make a change, you don't have to go through the subcontractor or foreman or helper or foreigner who doesn't speak English. You can talk directly with Doug or Steve at your site because they are going to be there.

2. Quality
D and S has had the motto, "for courtesy and quality" for many years. Attention to detail and pride in your work has been a keystone of American workmanship. We try to maintain that high level of expectation. The Better Business Bureau maintains records of complaints and how they were resolved with various contractors. You can find this information with a simple search. Doug and Steve are thankful that there is no history of any complaint with the BBB. We like to keep it that way.

3. Integrity
Along with quality workmanship, the quality of character is vital when hiring a contractor. You expect to hire a contractor with the same honesty that you try to live by. Sadly, this is not everyone's experience. There are hundreds of contractors that make a quick buck with little concern about how they get it. They can only stay in business if you don't check their references and the Better Business Bureau report. Doug and Steve want you to check their references. The more you check, the more confidence you'll have in them.

Doug or Steve will tell you if you have a problem or a potential problem in your construction. They won't cover it up. Ever see contracts with pages of fine print and hidden costs? You won't see that in our proposals. We keep it straightforward and list the allotted costs on many items so you can know exactly what you are getting and receive a rebate if you provide that item.

Quality Control


A Safety Program

6. Safety
We are a licensed residential contractor, covered with $1,000,000 business liability insurance.

Our industrial education safety training comes in handy and helps us in training our employees in the art of safe construction habits and techniques. We maintain a safety program with periodic safety training on the job site. Accidental damage to our customers property is always a concern and we strive to keep your things safe and out of harms way during our construction..

Speed, Courtesy,

4. Speed
Knowing how to do every aspect of construction has its benefits, and those benefits are passed on to you as a customer. Doing a simple bathroom remodel can require a plumber, carpenter, tile layer, electrician, drywall finisher, and painter. You can hire each one of those contractors, or just hire D and S. We don't need to wait for the subcontractor, so neither do you! We do most of the smaller work, but If our licensed plumber or electrician or HVAC man is needed, we'll plan for them to be on the job when they're needed.

Many contractors like to have several jobs going at once and spend just a few hours every day at each job, or maybe every other day. Doug thinks that's inefficient, so we'll stick to finishing your job and your remodeling project will be done faster.

5. Courtesy
Can a remodeling job be pleasant? Well, it can be more or less so because of who is doing it. We endeavor to protect your belongings in the dusty phases and clean up when we are done. We'll use different means to keep the the dust down or filter it out of the air while we are doing the demolition. We use vacuum sanders in our drywall work (one of the messiest phases of remodeling) so the dust is kept to a minimum.

Many contractors smoke or allow workers to smoke in your home. We don't. Some will drink alcohol on your site or come to work hung over. That won't happen on our job site. Some contractors hire illegal aliens (a federal felony) and know little or nothing of their background. Doug and Steve know their employees and their phone numbers and addresses and social security numbers.

Many construction people curse and swear in your home without regard to you or your children. That isn't tolerated on our job site and we don't like to be around such people. We hear plenty of it when we sub out to other contractors, but you won't have to put up with that or plug your children's ears with D and S around.

Have you called a business, never to have them return your calls? It's very irritating, but D and S won't do that to you. We do email, faxes, cell phones, and home phones and every number is available to you. We want your repeat business! Remodeling doesn't have to be a miserable experience. We try to make it as pleasant as possible for you! If something is bothering you, please tell us immediately and we'll try to resolve it. D and S is not perfect, but we strive to do better and make your construction experience a good one.