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D and S Construction does free estimates!

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You've heard the saying that nothing is really free, but to our customers, our estimates have been free for 41 years.

To receive a free estimate, you only have to agree to contact us (phone or email) within one month of receiving our bid.

1. Tell us if you decided to proceed with the project, put it off, or simply not do it and why.

2. Give us a bid tally: the price each contractor gave you.

3. Tell us why you chose D and S (or why not). This feedback gives us valuable information to help with our future bids.

Easy for us? Some contractors will just give you a price immediately upon seeing the project and so you may think that's how everyone does it. Or maybe we just sit in the easy chair for a couple minutes, do a bit of figuring and "Shazam," we have your price. Maybe some guys do it that way, but Doug takes the time to figure labor and materials for your project so you will know the real cost. If he sends you an email with a proposal, be sure that this took quite a while to do and it is accurate. There is no charge to you. All we expect is your courteous feedback.


* We do have one exception:

Speculative projects. If you are selling or buying a home and want a price for possible repairs to help with adjusting the cost of the home, the estimate is not free. These kind of estimates are worth the cost, and can save you thousands of dollars.


Is it really free?

Yes. All we expect is courteous feedback.


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