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The Bid Process







Expensive for us! Free to you! To D and S, the estimate is never free.
1. Returning your call and setting up an appointment. The easiest thing we do, but try it for 5 or 6 people in one day. It takes some time to actually get hold of customers. You've heard of phone tag? (5 minutes, low - 60 minutes, high)
2. Going to meet you. We spend our gas, time, and effort to come out to your house or business to look at your project. This takes anywhere from 15 minutes round trip, to 90 minutes. But it doesn't end there. (15 minutes, if you live a block away - 90 minutes high)
3. Talking about your project. Typically, I spend an hour of my time with a customer as they tell me about their project and I help them with a solution. Many times I'll give them a design idea that they end up using, even if they don't hire us. On complex projects I can spend 2 hours. (Time: 20 minutes, low - 120 minutes, high)
4. Discussing your project. On the larger projects, much time is spent to come up with the labor time it will take to do it. I will also work on the design and and other aspects of logistics. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours, depending on the complexity of your project. (Time: 15 minutes, low - 300 minutes, high)
5. Material list and compiling the bid. Then I will spend time at my computer working on a material list and totaling up the bid price. On an addition project, this can be several hours. (Time: 15 minutes, low - 240 minutes, high)
6. Contacting the customer. Finally, I will call or email the customer with the estimate. That can take from ten minutes for a simple project, to an hour for a complex project. (Time: 10 minutes, low - 60 minutes, high, some people like to talk about details)
7. Putting together a written proposal and references. If the customer requests a written proposal, I'll spend another half hour to three hours doing that and posting it on the web site on a private page and sending them an email with a link, or faxing it, or sending by mail. If they've requested references, I'll compile a list of three or four customers with related projects that we've done in the past. This can take 10 or 15 minutes. (Time: 20 minutes, low - 200 minutes, high)
Let's look at the total time and effort that is spent by D and S.

Total Dollar value: about $90 for a small job to over $900 for a large job That's some free estimate!

Much Time for D & S

But Worth the Effort!

We want your business and are willing to work for it.

Our Proposal

D and S proposals are very detailed so you know exactly what you are getting. A good proposal should include exactly what you have asked for with all the details, along with what the contractor will do and what the owner will do. It should also note what will be done if there are changes. We have a place on the proposal where the payments are noted and how much is left to pay. We usually do weekly draws on Fridays.


Our Guarantee

D&S warranty their workmanship for one year from date of completion. Individual material items have various warranties, but none include labor. Replacement labor would be extra. For certain projects, the warranty is for more than a year and we've been around 41 years, standing behind our warranty.